Time to demand proportional representation

Time to demand proportional representation

November 14, 2019

Once again, the farce we call our democratic system raises its ugly head with the simple fact that Canada’s popular vote does not reflect the seats in the house.

A promise broken by the Liberals. One of many. Did you know that the Liberal committee’s own report recommended proportional representation? However, Liberal members refused to go with the report and recommended abandoning a 2019 deadline for reform.

Now we have a situation where the BQ have less than half the popular vote of the NDP, but a third more seats than them. The Greens? About the same as the BQ, but 10 per cent of their seats. And of course, the Conservatives have the biggest popular vote but are not governing.

Nothing will change unless we demand it. Please continue to pressure your MP to change this undemocratic policy that favours the East.

P.S. We will see another election inside of 13 months.

Patrick Smyth // Whistler