The importance of keeping your suppliers honest

The importance of keeping your suppliers honest

Not too long ago, I had an issue with my internet. Pre-Covid. I use one of the larger telecom companies in Canada for office, home and mobile. 

I called my telecommunications company who put me on hold for 90 minutes before I abandoned the call. I called the next day and waited on hold for 45 minutes before I abandoned that call too.

How trusting your suppliers’ reports without audits can ruin customer experiences

I immediately emailed the CEO directly and within minutes was speaking to a VP. How I got the personal email of one of Canada’s largest companies’ CEO is another story.

Here’s where it got funny.

When I told the VP about wait times, he commented that he was just in a meeting with their outsourced call center representatives who had provided reports that all calls were being answered in under two minutes.  So how timely was my call?  Hours after a meeting with the call center customer service leadership?

I said. No sir. My hold times were not under two minutes.

And that’s when he questioned my accuracy of the time.

And that’s when I offered to email him 135 minutes of on hold music and ‘our volume is higher than expected’ recorded branded message in WAV format files.   I recorded my calls. 

He apologized and noted that he would look into it. I suggested that he call his own company’s customer service from an outside line. He did. He waited. 

Lesson here? Don’t believe your suppliers’ reports absolutely. Test them all the time. 

Trust but verify.

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