The Book

The Book


For years I have wanted to write a book about my experiences, but really, who wants to hear about yet another surfer slash snow boarder getting drunk and chasing girls.  Then it dawned on me that in fact I am also a successful in life in many other different ways. So my book, to be aptly titled, ENGAGE, is a story about how to be better at business and at life in general. 

With Chapter headings such as “Put down the iPod”, “How to strut” and “Prepping for  meetings with soundtracks”, my book aims to explore some of the nuances that face us all in ways that transgress the old styles of business writers.

The book is being dedicated to Michael Sinbad Bennett Metcalfe, a dear, close friend who taught me the importance of being able to laugh at ourselves even during the darkest of hours. 

Michael was more than a business partner to me, and in many ways was a mentor. He always thought that he grew up in the shadow of Bennett Metcalfe who was a Canadian journalist and, co-founder and first chairman of Greenpeace, established in 1971.

But Mike, a former member of the Airborne Division of the Canadian Armed Forces rose to greatness on his own and founded some of the technology still used today on the internet and in your smart phones. Wherever we went, no matter how far away from home, someone knew Michael. 

Once, in the middle of the New Mexico desert along route 66, we decided to take a pit stop and get a bite at a small diner in the middle of some dsty gulch.  We were there maybe 10 seconds before some fellow hollered out, “Hey Mike!” 

You see, Michael engaged people every day, no matter who they were or the situation that presented itself.  And people all over the world knew Mikey.

And being remembered after our deaths is the true path to immortality, isn’t it?

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Ben and Michael Metcalfe circa 1986
Ben and Michael Metcalfe circa 1986