Living abroad I heard the dumbest things.

Living abroad I heard the dumbest things.

January 29, 2020

Was once asked if by some tourists if they were on the island beside Cuba.  I was sitting on a beach on the pacific side of Costa Rica.

The stories get better.

One day I am out surfing and chilling on the break waiting for the next set.

Tourist – hey!  There’s broccoli floating here!

Me – yea that’s sea broccoli.

Tourist –  no way dude.

Me –  Yup.  Grows on the reef.  You can go at really low tides and pick it.

Tourist –  Wow.  That’s cool.

Me –  Try it.  It’s salty and tastes just like broccoli.

Tourist –  (bites into it)  Yea dude!  It’s like salty broccoli!

Me –  Enjoy

Next day.  I am out surfing and see the same guy.  At the exact same moment a piece of pineapple floats by and I pick it up.

Me –  (looks at guy)  Yo dude!  Look.  Sea Pineapple.

Tourist –  Fuck off