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Kony 2012 and the importance of reading financial statements before you jump on the bandwagon

Kony...scam? best only 26% raised goes to help. Yes. scam.

Now I know a lot about reading financial statements and non-profit organizations.   A hell of a lot.

Only 37% of what is donated is actually going to programs in Africa. Of that 37% take out about 30% in management and you are left with about 26%

Some of the 'awareness' programs are nothing but ways of pushing salaries from the G & A where they belong. Web and design almost $300,000? COME ON!

I could (yes me) build that site in about 8 hours.

And $851,000 for travel? That's 10% of what is raised.  Are they flying by private jets to the Cayman's?

And have a look at the balance sheet. $750,000 in computer equipment? WTF?

When I see financial statements manipulated like that, red flags go up everywhere.

If you want to donate anywhere, then United Way is your best bet.

here are the audited financials 

here is their reply to criticism