How to be a Lucky Skunk

How to be a Lucky Skunk

It’s not easy being a natural Lucky Skunk, but there are things that you can do to help yourself. 

Smile – give everyone you see a friendly smile.  Nothing creepy, but a genuine smile.
Engage – talk to random people in the line-up or on the chair.  Stop and say hello to a fellow shredder who is taking a break on the hill.  Ask the lift operator how his/her day is going and if they plan to shred later.  Chances are you will find out more about the hill from locals than from some map.

Help – If you see someone who might need help then stop and ask.  If you see a tourist in town looking at a map, then walk over and ask if you can point them to their destination.

Laugh – when you have a gnarly wipeout, let everyone know you are okay by laughing as loudly as possible.  You’ll be amazed by how good you feel and by how many people you meet later on at après.

Always follow Shred + etiquette = Shrediquette. It’s rules to ride by. It’s the snowboarder’s cultural guidebook.   See more here.