Growing Up Is Hard

Growing Up Is Hard

November 14, 2019

Whistler has long had a reputation of being a place full of Peter Pans, but as the resort grows up are we growing up too?

It was also lifestyle that drew Vancouver native Patrick Smyth to Whistler seven years ago. After years spent working in Los Angeles and Costa Rica, Smyth’s work in venture capital and finance is now carried out from his Whistler home office. Despite bigger opportunities being available in larger, metropolitan areas, “after spending five years surfing every day, I wanted to move back to Canada and wanted to have a similar-type lifestyle but try something different…

This is the place I want to continue that lifestyle,” he explains.

“Not to say I don’t work my ass off, but there’s balance… I don’t have that two or three-hour commute and I use that time to go snowboarding or fishing or cycling or whatever I want to do.”

Living in a smaller town with “more of a community aspect” is also ideal for raising his two-year-old daughter, Sydney, he adds.

However, living in Whistler comes at a cost, especially when supporting a young family. “I work full-time. My partner, she works full-time. We both work hard… I would make a lot more money at a desk job in Toronto or New York or L.A., but my soul would die, so it’s a choice,” Smyth says. “Yeah, you do have to work a little harder because it’s expensive here, but it’s quality of lifestyle.”