A recent Lucky Skunk story

A recent Lucky Skunk story

It was the first run of the new season, and I took a heading just past the temporary boundary.  Blasting through deep powder near Franz’s Chair (Whistler), I followed someone’s tracks into a small gully. 

Out of nowhere a fluffy cotton-tailed bunny jumped in front of me causing me to turn hard and stall.  Okay.  I messed up and hit a rock. 

It was then I found myself dangling over open water in a small creek.

I was worried.  The powder was too deep and soft for me to take off my bindings, and there were signs of tree wells everywhere.  My buddy was nowhere to be seen, and I was thinking about calling mountain patrol. 

So here I am.  In the shit.  In deep shit.

When out of nowhere, another type of bunny shows up on the ledge above me.  A very cute, blonde Whistler Bunny whom I had seen the night before at the Crystal lounge.  She called and asked if I was okay?  Sheepishly I said, “Yea…how embarrassing.”

Anyways, she had her full ‘back country’ gear with her in a little pink knapsack, and pulled out a rope.  She tied it onto a tree and threw me the other end.  It took me a while, but I pulled myself out and found myself thanking her profusely. 

So, the rest of the day I boarded with my new friend as she took me on some secret stashes with amazing powder.  We even ended up going for après together!

“I snowboard into peril.  I think this is the end.  A beautiful snow-bunny saves me.  We have drinks.  I guess I am a lucky skunk!”